We’re excited to announce support for one of our most requested features — multiple team members! You can invite family members to join your team, assign roles & permissions to them, and suspend users that no longer participate. …

Based on user request, we’re happy to add the ability to archive topic and family member channels — just in time to add to your end-of-year cleaning house!

Archive & Unarchive

You can now archive and unarchive topic and family member channels. This is a great way to keep things focused on what’s…

We’re happy to release another feature based on feedback from our users, including the ability to manually clear completed items from lists as well as several design updates. In addition, we made several platform improvements to keep things running smoothly.

Clear Completed Items

You can now clear completed shopping items and to-dos from…

We’re excited to announce the introduction of Dark Mode! We also released a more focused design for the To-do’s screen along with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Dark Mode

Give your eyes a rest during your late night planning sessions or while tracking your feedings at 3am. The app’s appearance will…

We’re happy to announce several improvements to the app based on user feedback, including making it easier to visually distinguish between content for different family members using color, allowing multiple attendees on calendar events, automatically adding birthdays to the calendar, and more.

Assign Colors to Family Members

You can now assign colors to individual family…

We’ve been busy over the last month making accessing a particular family members data easier, making data entry faster, improving the sign-up experience, and more.

Family Member View

You can view a family member (or topic) specific view of content by clicking on their name in the left menu. This view includes an…

We’ve made a handy addition to the existing meal planner by adding a dedicated screen allowing you schedule breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, and more for everyone in the family by week. Take the guesswork out of meal prep by planning meals ahead of time.

New Meal Planner screen

Access the new dedicated meal planner screen from the left menu. Click on an existing meal to edit or delete and click on a day to add a new meal. You can navigate the weeks using the arrows at the top of the screen or quickly jump to This Week or Next Week using the navigation links at the bottom. You can use plain text descriptions or add in some food emoji’s to make things a little more visual.

We’re excited to announce a new shared family calendar feature, including appointments, recurring meetings, configurable reminder notifications, and the ability to view your calendar in your calendar app of choice. …

Kukini App

Smart family organizer app where you and your family can communicate, stay organized, and get more things done. Available for iOS and Android.

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