Account Management & Bug Fixes

We’re happy to introduce new features to give users more control over their accounts and data when they’re done using the service. Team administrators and users can now initiate the deletion of their accounts and data from directly within the app.

Delete Account

Delete Account option in Settings

If you’re a team administrator, the account deletion process causes the entire team, including all family members that have created accounts and all content, to be deleted. If you’re a member of a team (but not an administrator), the account deletion process will delete all content you’ve created. Content created by other users that you’ve interacted with (e.g. by editing or updating it) and shared organizational content like topics or family members you created will not be deleted. However, the record of your interaction with that content will be deleted.

Completed form for admin and non-admin delete account form

Once the automated account deletion process is complete, all users whose accounts were deleted will receive a confirmation email. The account deletion process is permanent and can not be reversed. Although we do retain data back-ups for a limited period of time, we do so primarily for disaster recovery and not for the purposes of restoring specific user accounts. So make sure you’re really done with your account before initiating the delete!

Bug Fixes



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