Archive Topic & Family Member Channels

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1 min readDec 22, 2020

Based on user request, we’re happy to add the ability to archive topic and family member channels — just in time to add to your end-of-year cleaning house!

Archive & Unarchive

You can now archive and unarchive topic and family member channels. This is a great way to keep things focused on what’s most important to your family depending on the time of year or just to clean up topics that were only needed once. If you ever need to use the channel again, just unarchive it.

To archive a topic or family member channel, click on the Archive action when editing the channel. Content in archived channels will continue to appear, but you won’t be able to navigate to the channel or associate new content with it.

To unarchive a channel, find the list of topics and family members in the Settings section (by clicking on the gear icon). Archived channels will appear at the bottom of the list. Click on the Unarchive action when editing the channel.

Archive and unarchive when editing channels

Bug Fixes & Platform Updates

This release includes some important platform updates to ensure things keep running smoothly.



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