Clear Completed Items & Design Updates

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2 min readDec 8, 2020

We’re happy to release another feature based on feedback from our users, including the ability to manually clear completed items from lists as well as several design updates. In addition, we made several platform improvements to keep things running smoothly.

Clear Completed Items

You can now clear completed shopping items and to-dos from lists manually after you have checked them off. After marking these items as completed, a new “Clear Completed” button appears at the bottom of the shopping and to-do list screens allowing you to clear them from view. These items will automatically clear after a few minutes, but this is a handy way to more easily see what items are left (for example, if you’re checking items off a long grocery list as you walk around a store).

Clear completed action and design updates for to-dos and shopping items

Design Updates to To-dos and Shopping Items

The visual design of to-dos and shopping items was updated to make completed items less prominent and to make due date and owner name more prominent. Completed items now have a lighter gray color while due date and owner name are in a larger font size.

Notifications Appear When App is Open

Reminder notifications for calendar appointments and to-dos now appear while the app is open, ensuring you’ll never miss an important event or task. Previously these would only be displayed if the app was in the background.

Bug Fixes & Platform Updates

We fixed several minor bugs in this release and made some important platform updates to ensure things continue running smoothly.



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