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2 min readMar 5, 2020

We’re excited to announce the introduction of Dark Mode! We also released a more focused design for the To-do’s screen along with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Dark Mode

Give your eyes a rest during your late night planning sessions or while tracking your feedings at 3am. The app’s appearance will now automatically update to a dark theme when your phone system setting is in dark mode. You’ll see black or dark gray backgrounds where you previously saw white or bright colors and you’ll see white or gray foregrounds where you previously saw black.

Dark mode automatically enabled based on phone settings
New dark theme

There’s nothing special you need to do to enable it. Dark mode in Kukini automatically uses your phone’s dark mode setting. If you’re not on iOS 13 or Android 10 but still want dark mode (or if you want leave dark mode enabled all the time), you can also manually select to turn on dark mode in Settings > Appearance> Dark Mode.

Manually enabling dark mode in Settings section

More Focused To-do Screen Design

The To-do’s screen has been re-designed to be more focused. The list is now separated into two sections: to-dos that are due this week (over the next 7 days) and to-dos that are due in the future or have no due date assigned. The due date and owner of the to-do now appears in a line under the description, making the design more compact. If you want to filter the list to see only the to-dos that you own, you can click the “My Todos” link in the header (or “All Todos” to switch back to see an unfiltered list).

New focused to-do screen with “My Todos” filter in header

Bug Fixes

This release also includes several bug fixes and performance improvements, including one that was causing the app to re-start when navigating to the home screen in certain scenarios.



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