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2 min readMar 17, 2024


We added the ability for team administrators to permanently delete family members and topics from their teams as well as the data associated with them.

Delete Family Members

Administrators can now permanently delete family members in their teams, including the family member’s user account and all associated content. If a family member no longer participates and you don’t need to reference historical content for them, deleting them is a good option that frees up clutter in your account.

There’s a new Delete option within the Settings > Family Members screen. Just select a family member and you’ll see a new option to permanently Delete them. All content associated with the family member will be deleted. If there’s a user account associated with the family member, the user’s account will also be deleted as will all content created by that user.

Delete family member and all associated content

Please note this action can not be undone — the user account and content are permanently deleted and there’s no way to restore them. If you think the family member may participate again in the future or you want to reference or retain content associated with them, you can Archive & Suspend them instead of deleting them.

Delete Topics

In addition to deleting family members, administrators can now also delete topics in their teams. If you no longer want to reference or create content for a topic, you can permanently delete it along with all of the content associated with it.

There’s a new Delete option within the Settings > Topics screen. Just select a topic and you’ll see the new option.

Delete topic and all associated content

Please note that similarly to deleting family members, this is a permanent action that can not be undone. If you need to reference existing content associated with the topic or may use it again in the future, you can Archive it instead of deleting it.

Bug Fixes

We also fixed a few bugs, including one where the recent Health & Activity count was inaccurate on the Family Member and Topic screens and an issue where the completions and skips occurring within a single day on the Chore Activity History screen appeared out of order.

Release: 1.8.0



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