Family Member View, Faster Data Entry, Improved Sign-Up Flow, and More

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3 min readOct 24, 2019

We’ve been busy over the last month making accessing a particular family members data easier, making data entry faster, improving the sign-up experience, and more.

Family Member View

You can view a family member (or topic) specific view of content by clicking on their name in the left menu. This view includes an infinitely scrollable list of their health & activity information and lists of to-dos and shopping items. This is a great way to get a focused view of what’s going on with a family member (e.g. reviewing what’s been going on with baby before or at a doctor’s appointment) or a topic (e.g. planning and prep for an upcoming holiday or vacation). You can also chat with your partner about these family members and topics by clicking on the chat icon. These screens were already in the app, but we swapped their order based on what we saw folks using the most.

Family member or topic view showing Health & Activity

Faster Content Entry

We made several changes that should make entering and interacting with content faster. We added new visual form controls for selecting meal types, health & activity event types, and family members & topics. These now appear as radio buttons rather than drop-downs, which should reduce the number of clicks when choosing values. Family members & topics also now appear in a consistent order throughout the app — 1) parents, 2) children, 3) pets, 4) grandparents, 5) other family members, and 6) topics in alphabetical order.

We also increased the font size for important form elements to make them stand out more, including calendar appointment descriptions and locations, meal descriptions, to-do descriptions, and several others.

Improved form controls for faster data entry

Improved Sign-Up Flow

The Sign-Up, partner invitation, and Sign In flows have also been revamped with updated flows and designs to help avoid confusion. We noticed that some users couldn’t figure out how to add their partner to their family. New users are now presented with a Getting Started guide as soon as they open the app and receive a welcome email with the same information. These changes were released earlier in the month and we’re already seeing improvements in how folks get started.

Improved Sign-Up process

Bug Fixes

As always, we fixed several bugs, most importantly a nasty one that was affecting a subset of iOS 13 users. We also fixed a bug that was causing the health & activity logs to appear out of order in certain situations.



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