Improved Health & Activity Tracking, Completed To-do’s & Shopping Items, Deep Linking Notifications, and More

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4 min readApr 22, 2022


We’re excited to announce major improvements to health & activity tracking. You can now record health & activity events with quantitative values and view trend charts and statistics about them. We also added the ability to view completed to-do’s and shopping items, deep link directly to screens of interest when clicking on notifications, and made several platform updates and bug fixes.

Quantitative Health & Activity Tracking

When logging new health & activity events, you can now specify quantitative (numeric) values for several activity types, including baby feedings (bottle, breast, solid), breast pumping, diaper changes, sleep, activity, height and weight measurements, and temperature readings. Each family member can choose whether they want to enter and view these values in metric or customary units and the app automatically converts between them based on individual user preference. In addition to these quantitative values, you can continue to track symptoms, medicine, food, milestones, and general events using text descriptions.

Add health & activity events using quantitative values
Each family member can choose measurement unit preferences in Settings

New Summary Screens

The Health & Activity section has been totally redesigned and expanded. When clicking into the activity section, you’ll now see a screen that summarizes recent activity by family member. Clicking on a family member will take you to a screen that summarizes recent activity for that family member. The most recently logged events appear at the top in cards with a quick summary for the current day. This is a great way to see when your baby’s last feeding, diaper change, or nap was or how long ago you pumped, checked a fever, or gave medication. These summary cards also give you a way to quickly add a new event, including using the most recent event as a template via the Duplicate action. Via the bottom navigation bar, you can navigate to a Timeline screen that shows a chronological timeline of events for this family member, navigate to a menu of trends to explore, or add a new event.

View overall summary and take action on most recent activity
Detailed trends and event history by family member

Visual Trend Charts & Statistics

With the new quantitative values you track for health & activity events, you can also now view trend charts and summary statistics about them. You can quickly compare totals for the current day to those of the trailing week to get a sense for recent trends. For instance, you might notice that the baby is drinking more formula or sleeping less than on a normal day, which might explain a crankier personality. For longer-term trends, you can view a detailed, interactive chart allowing you to view and navigate historical trends and statistics two weeks at a time. For height and weight measurements, you can view trends for set time intervals leading up to current day. You can also drill-in while viewing trends to see the underlying individual events.

View trend charts comparing recent activity to today
Interactive trend charts with drill-through to underlying events

View Completed To-do’s & Shopping Items

We added one of our most requested features — the ability to view completed to-do’s and shopping items. From the to-do or shopping list screens, you can now navigate to screens that let you browse a history of completed items grouped by the week they were completed. You can also swipe left on each completed item to reveal a new Duplicate action that lets you easily create a new item based on one that was previously completed.

View completed items and easily duplicate them

Deep Linking Notifications

All notifications now deep link to the appropriate screen they are for. Clicking on a notification about a particular to-do or calendar event will open the app and automatically navigate you to the view screen for that item, allowing you to easily taken action on it. Clicking on chat message notifications behave similarly, navigating you directly to the chat channel the message was in. Previously, notifications just opened the app, so this saves you several steps and instead takes you right to what you’re interested in.

Additional Design Changes & Bug Fixes

In addition to the above, we also updated and added several icons for the health & activity and to-do sections, added adaptive icon support for Android, and fixed several bugs including an issue related to duplicate reminder notifications.



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