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4 min readDec 21, 2022


We’ve added several new features all based on user requests. You can now add notes to to-do’s, shopping items, and meals; configure to-do reminders; manage the list of saved merchants used for the shopping list; and assign new relationship types when adding family members.

Item Notes

Free-form notes can now be added to to-do’s, shopping items, and meals. Notes are an optional field for these items and a great way to add some detail that can’t be squeezed into the titles. For to-do’s, you can access notes by clicking on More Options while adding a to-do from the add widget or by editing an existing to-do. For shopping items, you can add notes by editing an existing to-do. For meals, notes appear as you’re adding the meal.

Add notes to-do’s, shopping items, and meals

Items with notes will have a notes icon when they appear in lists, giving you a quick indication if there’s more information that you might want to reference before completing the item.

Items with notes appear in lists with note icon

Notes can also include URL’s that are clickable when viewing the item. This might be a handy way to link to a recipe for a meal, link to different online options for an item you want to buy in your shopping list, link to a form or website for a to-do, or clarify what’s expected for a to-do to be completed.

URL’s included in notes are clickable when viewing item

Configurable To-do Reminders

You can now configure when reminder notifications for to-do’s are sent. As you’re creating the to-do, you can click on More Options to set a due date. Selecting a due date reveals an additional field to specify the reminder options. You can select from a range of pre-set options or select a custom time. By default, to-do’s with due dates will send a reminder at 9am the day the to-do is due (previously the default was 9pm the night before). You can also opt to not have a reminder for a to-do with a due date as well. To-do’s that send reminder alerts now appear in lists with an alert icon to give you a quick indication of which to-do’s are configured with alerts.

Configure reminder notifications for to-do’s

Saved Merchant Settings

As you’re adding items to your shopping list, you can specify what merchant you intend to purchase the item from. Specifying merchants adds to a Saved Merchants list that auto-completes when you click on the merchant field. Sometimes, you might misspell a merchant or no longer need one. You can now manage the list of saved merchants in a new Settings screen where you can add to and remove from the list. The screen is accessible from the Settings menu or from the Shopping List screen by clicking on the More Options icon in the header.

Manage list of Saved Merchants from new Settings screen

Relationship Options

Every family situation is different, so it’s not surprising that users have requested additional relationship options beyond the standard “nuclear” family. You can now add family members with the following types: partner, sibling, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, and pet. Whether you’re caring for an aging parent with your siblings or for a niece or nephew that you’ve taken guardianship for, there should be a way to get the entire family involved in managing your home.

Additional relationship types for family members

Bug Fixes & Design Changes

We fixed several bugs, including issues where long text was breaking the layout on Settings screens, where large fonts selected in device accessibility settings were causing layout issues, where users were unable to change their email address until it was verified, and where users with a large number of appointments weren’t able to open the app. You may also notice a few minor design changes, including hiding the share action for Published Calendars under a More Options icon on the Calendar screen.



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