Item Notes, To-do Reminders, Saved Merchant Settings, & More

We’ve added several new features all based on user requests. You can now add notes to to-do’s, shopping items, and meals; configure to-do reminders; manage the list of saved merchants used for the shopping list; and assign new relationship types when adding family members.

Item Notes

Add notes to-do’s, shopping items, and meals

Items with notes will have a notes icon when they appear in lists, giving you a quick indication if there’s more information that you might want to reference before completing the item.

Items with notes appear in lists with note icon

Notes can also include URL’s that are clickable when viewing the item. This might be a handy way to link to a recipe for a meal, link to different online options for an item you want to buy in your shopping list, link to a form or website for a to-do, or clarify what’s expected for a to-do to be completed.

URL’s included in notes are clickable when viewing item

Configurable To-do Reminders

Configure reminder notifications for to-do’s

Saved Merchant Settings

Manage list of Saved Merchants from new Settings screen

Relationship Options

Additional relationship types for family members

Bug Fixes & Design Changes



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