Multiple Team Members

We’re excited to announce support for one of our most requested features — multiple team members! You can invite family members to join your team, assign roles & permissions to them, and suspend users that no longer participate. We also added several new screens to view and manage content, added a handy way to easily postpone a to-do, and made several other design changes and bug fixes.

Invite Family Members

You can invite family members that you already have set up in the app or invite them as you add them. Just go into Settings > Family and select Invite to Join when viewing an existing family member or complete the Invite to Join Family section when adding a new family member. They’ll receive an email with instructions on how to install the app and join your team.

Invite existing family member or invite while adding them

Assign Roles & Permissions

As an administrator, you can modify roles and permissions at any time in Settings > Family.

Assign role while inviting and edit role at any time

Suspend Users that No Longer Participate

Suspending & archiving user results in them seeing a suspended screen

New View Content Screens

New view meal screen and delete confirmation

Postpone To-Do & Swipe Action Design

In addition, you’ll also notice that the swipe actions for all items in lists (including to-do’s shopping items, and health & activity events) now use icons instead of words.

Postpone to-do from view screen and new icons for swipe actions

Additional Design Changes & Bug Fixes



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