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4 min readFeb 24, 2024


We’re happy to introduce major updates to navigation, including a new bottom navigation bar, filtered views, sorting capabilities, messaging screens, and bug fixes.


A new bottom navigation bar makes it faster to navigate to tools throughout the app, including to-do’s, the shopping list, and calendar. The side menu has been replaced with a full-screen menu accessible via the menu icon in the bottom navigation bar. The new Menu screen includes links to all of the tools, Settings screen, Messages screen, and new Family Member and Topic screens.

New bottom tab navigation and menu screen

Family Member & Topic Screens

In addition to a new Menu screen, there are new Family Member and Topic screens that give you a focused view of all content for a particular family member or topic. For instance, you might want to see all upcoming calendar appointments or chores for a particular dependent (e.g. associated with one of your children or aging parents). Or, you might want to see scheduled travel appointments, shopping items, and to-do’s for an upcoming vacation (e.g. associated with a #vacation topic). The Family Member and Topic screens are accessible via new navigation carousels on the Home and Menu screens.

New Family Member and Topic screens

By default, new content created within these focused views will automatically default to being associated with the family member or topic you’re viewing.

Filtered Views

In addition to the focused Family Member and Topic views, you can now also filter by any combination of family member and topic across all tool screens. For instance, you might want to see all upcoming meals for your two children in the calendar.

Filter content by family member and topic

In addition to being able to filter by family member and topic, you can also filter by content type in the calendar. For example, you might want to view only upcoming chores and to-do’s in the calendar.

Filter calendar by content type

Sorting for To-do’s and Shopping Items

You can now manually reorder to-do’s and shopping items by dragging and dropping them in their respective lists. By default, the to-do screen is grouped and sorted by due date. But you can switch the sort mode to Custom and then drag-and-drop the items into whatever order makes sense to you. Often the due date of a to-do doesn’t necessarily reflect it’s importance or priority, so this is a great way to put the items in an order that you feel you should tackle them in.

To-do’s sorted by due date or manually via drag-and-drop

By default, the shopping list is ordered based on the order in which items were added. But within this view, you can drag-and-drop the items into whatever order you want. In addition, you can also drag shopping items into other merchant buckets that appear in the list. This comes in handy when you decide to get a particular item from a different merchant than you originally planned. In addition to dragging-and-dropping, you can also toggle the view to see all items sorted alphabetically.

Shopping list sorted manually via drag-and-drop or alphabetically


A new messaging list screen is available from the Home and Menu screens via a chat icon in the upper-right. Chats for a particular family member or topic are also available from the new Family Member and Topic screens via the same icon.

New messaging screen organizes all chat channels

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed several bugs, including the following:

  • chores weren’t appearing as due today if there were other chores that were overdue and chores with specific due dates weren’t appearing as completed when marked as completed on the current day
  • imported multi-day appointments were only appearing on the first day of the appointment
  • read message indicator in chat wasn’t accurate when the first message was sent in a chat channel
  • calendar items weren’t being sorted correctly in Agenda view



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