New Calendar Views, Accessibility Improvements, & More

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3 min readMay 30, 2023


We’ve added several improvements to the calendar and design changes to support improved accessibility. You can now view the calendar in 1-Day, 3-Day, and Month views and fonts and layout now have improved support for larger font sizes configured through system accessibility settings.

Calendar Views

The Calendar now supports four different views: Agenda, 1-Day, 3-Day, and Month. The default view on the Home screen and when you initially click on the Calendar is the Agenda view. The Agenda view, which has been the only view until now, shows a chronological list of events grouped by day. This is a handy way to quickly see what’s scheduled on a particular day. The new 1-Day, 3-Day, and Month views provide a great way to get an overview of the upcoming weeks and an hour-by-hour schedule for a particular day. The Calendar view can be selected via an option in the Calendar header.

Agenda view and Calendar view selection

1-Day & 3-Day Views

The new 1-Day and 3-Day calendar views provide an hour-by-hour schedule view of the calendar. In this view (familiar to most calendar users), each day is represented by a column in the grid and events are displayed during the times they are scheduled for. All-day events, including all-day appointments, to-do’s and chores that are due on a particular day, and meals, appear in a section at the top of the day and can be expanded and contracted. You can easily navigate between days by swiping left or right.

1 Day and 3 Day calendar views

In addition to swiping, there are several other ways to navigate to a particular date. You can click on the date in the current week that’s displayed in the header of the grid. You can click on the month in the header, revealing a drop-down that has a date selector by month. Dates that have events include a blue dot. You can also click on the Today icon in the header, jumping you directly to the current day.

Month drop-down navigating to current day

Clicking on any event opens that item to view. Long-clicking on the all-day section opens a form to create an all-day appointment for that day. Long-clicking on the time grid opens a form to create an appointment at that date and time.

Month View

The new Month calendar view provides an overview of the entire month. Each day in the month shows the first few calendar events for that day and a count of how many additional events are hidden. Long-clicking on the month grid opens a form to create an appointment for that particular date.

You can easily navigate between months by swiping left and right. In addition to swiping, you can also click on a particular day to drill-down into a 1-Day view of that day. From this view, you can navigate between days by swiping left or right, similar to the 1-Day and 3-Day views.

Month view in dark mode and day detail view

Large Font Support

We’ve improved accessibility by adding support for larger system fonts. Previously, many parts of the app, including the authentication screens, Home screen, and Calendar screens, were not entirely usable with larger font sizes. The layout of these screens now better support larger system fonts.

Bug Fixes & Design Changes

We fixed several bugs, including an issue where ‘activity’ health logs were being duplicated with incorrect start and end times. You may also notice a few minor design changes, including the removal of the filter icon in the headers of the To-Dos and Chores screens as it was confusing.



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