New Feature: Chores

We’re happy to introduce our most requested feature: chores! You can now schedule recurring chores, assign them to family members, and configure reminder alerts. This is a fantastic way to manage all those recurring household tasks and to get the whole family involved in running and maintaining your home.

New Chore Section

Updated navigation on Home screen and new Chores section

The home screen introduces a link to the new Chores section along with all the scheduled chores for the upcoming week. Links directly to the Meal Planner and Calendar have also been added to this screen, making these sections even easier to access. The Chores section screen shows an ordered list of all your family’s chores based on when the next instance is due. You can quickly filter the list to see just the ones you created or are assigned to by clicking the My Chores filter in the header.


Schedule chores with flexible recurrence options

Once a chore has been scheduled, you’ll see how much time is remaining before the chore is next due along with a countdown indicator that gives you a quick visual of how much time remains.

Track chore due dates using countdown indicators and on calendar

Like appointments, meals, and to-dos, chores appear on the day they are due in the Home screen week summary as well as in the Calendar section.

Chore Assignment

Assign owners with automatic rotation based on completion history

For chores with multiple owners, assignment automatically rotates based on who last completed the chore. The owner that completed the chore least recently appears as the next owner. Upcoming instances appear on the Calendar with the appropriate owner based on the rotation.

Completing and Skipping Chores

Click on checkbox, swipe left, or take action from View Chore screen

When you mark a chore as completed, you can specify who completed it, when it was completed, and add notes. Given that chores have no end date and recur forever, there may also be times when you don’t need to complete the chore but instead just want to skip a particular instance. For example, if you’re on vacation, you don’t need to take out the garbage and hence could skip that chore. Skipping a chore resets its timer or skips past the particular instance selected if the chore is due on specific days.

Take action by completing or skipping chores

All activity for a chore, including all completions and skips, are viewable in the Chore Activity History. If someone made a mistake completing or skipping a chore, they can delete or edit the particular action by swiping left.

View and update chore activity history

Alerts & Notifications

Customize reminder notification times per chore

Bug Fixes



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