New Feature: Shared Family Calendar

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2 min readAug 21, 2019


We’re excited to announce a new shared family calendar feature, including appointments, recurring meetings, configurable reminder notifications, and the ability to view your calendar in your calendar app of choice. It’s a great way to track all the kids soccer games, dentist appointments, performances, school events, family celebrations, and more in a single place that’s easy to access for both you and your partner.

Quick Calendar Summary

As soon as you open the app, you’ll get a summary of what’s planned for today and the upcoming week. The summary includes scheduled events, to-dos, and meals so that you have a view of everything happening over the coming days. You can view, edit, and complete any of these items directly from the homepage.

Homepage providing a quick summary of the upcoming week

Full Calendar View

If you continue into the Calendar screen, you get an agenda view that shows everything planned by day similar to the calendar summary on the Home screen. This view also allows you to navigate using a visual calendar. You can add new events, to-dos, and meals here by clicking on the “+” icon. Or simply press on the day itself to quickly schedule an event for that day.

Full calendar view

View Your Calendar on Your Device of Choice

For those users that manage their schedules across several devices or have to balance commitments outside the home, you can view your shared calendar in other calendar applications that support iCalendar subscriptions, including Google Calendar, Apple iCloud, Apple iOS Calendar, Apple Mac Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, and many others. It’s a perfect way to view your family commitments on your work computer or phone so that you never schedule a meeting that conflicts with a family commitment.

Publish your calendar to view on other devices and apps

You can publish multiple versions of your calendar and only include the information you want in each. For instance, you could publish each of your kids’ calendars separately so that you can color-code them in your calendar app. You can create published calendars from the Settings screen or quickly access them from the Calendar itself by clicking on the share icon in the upper right.



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