Notification Preferences

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2 min readOct 11, 2023


We’re happy to introduce new notification preferences to give you more control over when you receive notifications.

Notification Settings

New notification preferences let you configure when you want to be notified about to-do’s, chores, chat messages, and calendar events. The new Notification Preferences screen is accessible via the Settings menu.

New Notification Preferences available in Settings menu

You can be notified when content is added, modified, or deleted or when reminder alerts are scheduled. You can now decide whether these are sent for all items, a subset of items, or no items based on each content type. For example, you could choose to be notified about All chores in your team (i.e. any chore in your team regardless of who created or is assigned to it) but only Important to-do’s (i.e. only ones that you created or are assigned to).

New Default Notification Preferences

As part of this release, the default notification preferences have been updated for all new and existing users. By default, all users will start off with the Important settings for to-do’s, chores, and calendar events and All for chat messages.

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed several bugs, including an issue where some users appeared to not be signed in when re-opening the app in certain situations and an issue where an extra reminder alert was being sent for overdue chores.



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