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3 min readJun 14, 2024


We’re excited to introduce one of our most requested features — image upload! You can now upload profile photos and attach images to calendar appointments, to-do’s, chores, health & activity events, and chat messages. We also added the ability to configure which day of the week the Meal Planner starts on, made several design improvements, and fixed several bugs.

Profile Photo Upload

You can now upload profile photos for family members. Photos will appear on the family member’s avatar throughout the app and are a great way to personalize the experience and make it easier to quickly discern what content is associated with a particular family member. User’s with administrative privileges can upload photos for family members in the Settings > Family Members section and can upload photos for themselves in their Profile. You can select an image from your phone’s photo library or take a photo using your camera and then crop it before uploading it.

Add profile photos for family members
Edit family member photos from your profile or from Settings

Attach Images to Content

You can now upload and attach images to calendar appointments, to-do’s, chores, health & activity events, and chat messages. Attaching images is a great way to save yourself time typing in content that is more easily captured with a photo.

Some example uses include:

  • attaching a picture of a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment reminder card or picture of a school event flyer to the appointment you created for it
  • adding a photo to a home maintenance to-do of a leaky faucet, painting that needs to be hung, or drywall hole that needs to be patched
  • having your kids take a picture to show off all the hard work they did completing a chore
  • taking a photo of notes after a doctor’s appointment or a photo of a prescription that a family member is starting to take in a health & activity log
  • sharing a photo of a special moment in a chat message

You can upload up to 3 images in JPG or PNG format for each piece of content. Thumbnails are automatically generated for each image to ensure a fast browsing experience and to minimize bandwidth usage.

Attach a photo of a school flyer to a calendar appointment
Attach photos to chores and chore completions to better illustrate what needs to be done or what was completed
Add up to 3 photos to a to-do and then view them in detail
Attach photos of important information to health & activity events or share a special moment in a chat message

Configure Meal Planner Week Start Day

The Meal Planner now has a setting to configure which day the week starts on in the planner view. By default, the planner starts the week on a Monday, but every family’s schedule is different. For instance, some parents work weekends and have weekdays off or want to do meal prep on a Sunday and have a clear view of the meals that are scheduled for the upcoming week. The configuration is a user-specific preference available from the Meal Planner header or from Settings > Meal Planner > Week Start.

New preference allows you to change day of week meal planner starts on

Design Improvements & Bug Fixes

We made several design improvements throughout the app, including on screens where you view to-do’s, chores, appointments, and meals and several Settings screens. We also fixed several bugs, including an issue where long chat messages were obscuring the Send button and an issue where the Measurement Trend screen wasn’t displaying.



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