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3 min readSep 19, 2023


We’re excited to introduce our most requested feature — subscribing to external calendars! You can now subscribe to external calendars, including Google, Outlook, Apple, and other calendars that support the iCalendar format. You can view a read-only version of events from these calendars alongside your own events, associate them with family members or topics, and configure reminder alerts for them.

Subscribe to External Calendars

Get a single view of your entire family’s schedule by subscribing to external calendars. This might include your child’s school calendar, your child’s soccer game schedule, your favorite football team’s game schedule, or your own work calendar. With everything in a single place, you and everyone in the family will always know what everyone’s committed to.

Subscribe to external calendars in iCal format

You can subscribe to up to three external calendars in the new Subscribed Calendars settings page, accessible via the Settings menu or the More menu in the Calendar header. Calendars must be publicly accessible via a URL and must be in the iCalendar format. Most popular calendar apps like Google, Outlook, and Apple support the iCalendar format as do many team sports team apps like TeamSnap.

Add subscriptions and monitor import status

Specify a name for the calendar and provide the iCalendar subscription URL. Once added, your calendar will be imported and will continue to sync-up as needed. You can view the status of the subscription, see how many events have been imported, and identify any issues with the import by viewing the Subscribed Calendar Configuration screen at any time.

Associate Calendars with Family Members & Topics

You can associate all imported events from each calendar with one or more family members and topics. For example, you might want to associate an imported elementary school calendar with your two elementary school children. Or your might want to associate an imported soccer team game calendar with the child that’s on that team. All events imported from that calendar will appear with the assigned family members and topics.

Imported events appear with associated family members and topics

Configure Reminders for Imported Events

In addition to being able to view imported events, you can also receive reminder alerts for them similar to your own events. You can configure when you want to reminded for scheduled events and all-day events. All imported events from the calendar will use those reminder rules.

Configure alerts for imported events

Improved Day Markers on Calendar Views

You can now get a quick idea of which family members or topics have events scheduled for a particular day. Day dot markers on the calendar now indicate the colors for the family members and topics that have events that day. For instance, if you’ve selected red for a particular family member, you can scan the Month view for all the days with red dots to see which days there are events for them.

Dot markers indicate family members and topics with events on a given day

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

We’ve fixed several bugs, including an issue where the calendar mistakenly appeared loaded for a particular month. You’ll also notice some improvements to how quickly the calendar loads as you scroll to different months.



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